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fire truck and firefighter with smoke

Our Apparatus

Station 63 Fleet

About Our Fleet

Our fleet is made possible by the many donations of our supporters and by funding from the town budgets of Bedminster and Tewksbury

fire engine 63-1


A 1500 GPM Pierce Pump with 750 Gallons of Water and 20 Gallons of Class A Foam. Equipped with large diameter hose, ground ladders and a variety of fire fighting equipment.

fire engine 63-2


A 1500 GPM Waterous Pump with 1000 Gallons of Water. Equipped with large diameter hose, ground ladders and a variety of fire fighting equipment.

fire engine tender 63


This vehicle was purchased from the Lebanon Borough Fire Company on 3 November 2015 and placed into service on 14 November 2015. The tanker was purchased by PVFC and funded entirely through a special fund drive and other fund raising events conducted by our members.

fire engine brush 63


Our custom built 2019 Dodge 4500 wildland brush fire truck with body/skid package designed for off-road use. Gives us access to the wildland areas of Pottersville. Complete with a custom skid unit featuring a 300 gallon poly tank with pumps, a foam system and hose reels.

fire engine utility 63


The utility truck is specifically designed to carry life saving tools, breathing air equipment , firefighting tools and lighting to the scene. The utility truck responds to  fire scenes, motor vehicle collisions and all incidents that call for emergency  response.  

fire engine invident command vehicle


A Command and First Responder Vehicle used by the Chief and Fire Company Line Officers to respond directly to the scene. It is equipped with an AED, Thermal Imaging Camera and SCBA as well as the radios needed to coordinate emergency activities at the incident. This vehicle was purchased new by the Fire Company and paid for by Fire Company fund raising activities.


1961 Dodge Power Wagon WM 300

Features include Water Tank with mounted  Pump and Suction unit, Hard Suction Hose and 200 feet of High Pressure Hose with Reel. No longer in active service but fully functional. Parade Ready 

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